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he looks just like a dream,
the pretties boy i've ever seen.

HEY! i dont like boxes, so please just figure me as completely unlabelled.
DNI! if you are looking for a relationship, manipulative, a liar, problematic, a drama fueled person, homophobic, transphobic, or judgy.

stuffs ;

kins ! hu tao, yae, eula, venti, yoimiya ,, (gi)
mafuyu, mizuki, kanade, shizuku,, (prosekai)
basil, hero, mari, (omori)
kyoko kirigiri, chiaki nanami, chihiro fujisaki !! (dr)

things i like / dislike ;

♪(´▽`) ; cats, broken humor, prosekai,, animanga,
him, drawing, analogue horror, true crime, axolotls

(;′⌒`) ; rudeness, work, dsmp, liars, school ... loud sounds, cancel culture

? i do not support any proships or content which is considered lolicon, shotacon, etc ... i do not condone any wrong actions people in my fandoms have done.
DNI! [email protected], nsfw, anti lgbtq++
before you judge: no, i don't care about what you say but people deserve to be whatever they want to be, because it's their life, not yours and shouldn't concern you.

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WHAT'S THIS?!? an exhaustive list of stuff you'll find out about me sooner or later ... honestly i don't even know what to call this- here be dragons!

fandoms ! genshin, omori, prosekai, enstars, panty and stocking, backrooms, the mandela catalogue, ddlc, vocaloid, utau,, and more

watched/read! ! assasination classroom, oyasumi punpun, love is war!, spy x family, toilet bound hanako kun, shikikomori's not just a cutie, danganronpa, demon slayer, maid sama!, ouran high school host club, kamisama kiss, toradora, miss kobayashi's dragon maid, noragami, happy sugar life, another, heaven's offical blessing, your name, a whisker away, weathering with you, no game no life, a silent voice, howl's moving castle, my neighbour totoro, the pokemon anime, re:zero, and mostly every isekai anime ... sighs and more

genres / artists !
indie : cavetown, the neighbourhood, wallows, coldplay, beabadoobee, conan gray, girl in red, clairo
jpop/j sub genres: suisoh, eve, yoh kamiyama, tuyu
breakcore/hyperpop : way too many
vocaloid : every vocaloid song is good. with the exception of whatever ... this? is- and more

foreword : thank you for reading this rant i love you (platonically), thank you for caring and may you have a good day!